Data Security and Anti-Virus Software plus Free Spyware Removal

Pelican Security offers total PC protection, antivirus and antispyware scanning in the best free software package available online! Features including automatic virus removal, email and instant messaging protection, adware protection, as well as defense against emerging threats. We offer the most trusted anti virus software as well as antispyware and adware protection available. One simple software package with features including automatic file protection, unlimited updating of virus definitions.

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As a leading developer of client-side internet security software, Pelican Security is dedicated to creating solutions that will not only protect against, but eradicate the threat of internet viruses, malware, worms, Trojan horses, stealth code, malicious code and all manner of security breach. Also offering a hostile activity detector.

Why install several different programs when you can solve all your virus, popups, and spyware problems with one single solution?
We combine the best tools to provide an extra powerful defense against internet threats. Free downloads, great features and support. Totally compatible with Windows 7, 10, XP and Vista. 



We strive to provide a safe online environment for companies and private users to transact business on the internet safely and securely.

Because internet attacks are continuously changing, we have created technology that proactively protects networks from existing attacks, as well as those which have not been developed. Malicious mobile code, denial of service (DOS) attacks, and unauthorized access to business networks interrupts business and costs time and money. We have developed an innovative sandboxing system to prevent these threats from reaching your computer and works well corporate environments as well as home users.

Our antivirus software solutions provide real-time detection and removal of viruses, worms, malware, spyware and other unwanted computer files, programs and browser add-ons. Our internet security software provide complete protection for your PC or laptop against any form of potential computer virus, spyware, adware, keyloggers, spybots, javascript or other downloads that may try to erase your data, steal your information or generally cause harm to your system.

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Free File Backup Storage is an important place to keep your essential files and data in case your computer does get infected you have a backup. Computer auctions offering unbelievable deals on desktops, laptops, hardware, pdas and so much more.

Security software systems are the most effective AND easiest to use software tools to monitor and filter ANY content or application on your home PC. The firewall, or security appliance, is the first system an attacker encounters when trying to penetrate a network, and so the security appliance has the dual role of protecting the network, and protecting the appliance itself. Pelican security protects everything in the security appliance, including every file, directory, and application, against root access.

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